SkinnVi was first created to fill a need within the medical aesthetic industry. Following laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and other skin treatments; the areas treated often have an increased vulnerability to sun exposure. Too much sun following a treatment can cause adverse effects. We aimed to support post care guidelines by providing supplemental UV protection.

It did not take long to realize that these commonly treated areas (neck, chest, hands, and head) are highly susceptible to premature aging and sun damage-and that everyone could benefit from this protection. Not just to be worn after skin treatments; but used as lifestyle wear to protect these areas early on and help prevent sun damage, and other skin care complications, in the first place.  

To do this we carefully designed options that its wearers would look forward to using. We were able to source buttery soft, lightweight, and breathable fabrics; and create comfortable, versatile pieces. Our fabrics are sustainably manufactured and eco-friendly, which makes us feel even better when wearing  them.

Our first piece is The Solara Crop Top, follow us for further products and updates!

Meet Holly, Owner & Designer of SkinnVi

Holly Smith is a Registered Nurse, BSN. She fell in love with skincare and found work in aesthetics. She would often see and hear about her patients struggles with sun avoidance, especially following skincare care treatments.

Being an avid outdoorswoman and skincare enthusiast herself, she often sought out comfortable sun protective pieces that she could pair with anything to wear while being outdoors.

“I ride horses, and I also enjoy the city with my friends. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a whole new UV protective wardrobe, but wanted something I could simply add to my existing one, or wear alone, that would be close fitting and not dangerous to wear if I was riding; but also stylish if I was going out somewhere. I also really care about our environment and strongly believe in the use of eco-friendly products. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for-so began to create it. That was the beginning of SkinnVi, starting with the Solara Crop Top.” 

After creating the top and doing numerous rounds of revisions to ensure comfort and fit, Holly realized that she loved wearing the top everywhere, “it became my favorite thing in my closet, my friends all started requesting one for themselves”. She now hopes that SkinnVi will serve others in their skincare journey.