Long Lasting, Healthy, Beautiful Skin Starts with Sun Protection

It’s no secret that ongoing sun exposure leads to sun damage that can turn into premature aging, and skin cancer. This is especially true when it comes to the more delicate, thin, and vulnerable areas on your body that are often overlooked, such as your neck, chest, and hands.

Our journey began with wanting to offer universal, multi-functional sun protective pieces that would protect these specific areas while offering luxurious comfort. You will look forward to simply adding our pieces to your existing wardrobe, making it easy to add ongoing sun protection into your daily routine.

Whether you are dressing up, dressing down, out in nature, or in the water, we have you elegantly and comfortably covered!

Versatility and Functionality

  • Great for everyday lifestyle wear to protect you from signs of early aging
  • Use to protect your skin post med spa treatments (chemical peel, micro-needling, laser resurfacing, plasma pen, etc)
  • Great for covering scars to promote healing following skin cancer treatments and neck surgeries
  • Wear alone, layered, or over your bathing suit in the water during peak sun hours
  • No need to reapply

    UPF50+ clothing blocks our 98% of UVA and UVA rays, It does not smear or rub off and provides ongoing protection as long as you are wearing it. This saves you money since you can continuously reuse your UPF clothing to protect you.

  • Protects from UVA & UVB rays

    The sun gives us UVA (more linked to aging) and UVB (more linked to cancer and causes sun burn) rays, Not all sunscreens protect against both. UPF50+ clothing blocks 98% of these rays-making it an especially great choice for protecting your more delicate areas.

  • Protects against visable light

    While sunscreen still has its uses, it does not typically protect against visible light, which is an important element in protecting against skin darkening and pigmentation disorders including melasma.

"I purchased this top to help protect my chest from the sun after a laser treatment while my skin needed to heal. I now wear it out any time I know I am going to be in the sun for long. I love that it helps protect my investment in my skin and that it matches anything I wear over it."-Teresa M.

"I already love it, thank you! Super excited that it covers my most exposed biopsy scar on my neck and my two scars on my back! I'm also looking forward to this adding a bit of modesty to lower necklines...I'm a teacher and it's a struggle to find tops that give enough coverage."-Melissa K., Melanoma Survivor

Skincare with Every Wear

Skincare doesn't start and end with you waking up in the morning or going to bed at night after putting on your moisturizers and lotions, but instead goes on throughout each day! With sun protection being the number one thing you can do for your skins overall health, it only makes sense, right?

Why SkinnVi?

  • Skincare

    Sun damage is known as the leading cause of premature aging to the skin (think wrinkles, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone), and is highly correlated with increased risk of skin cancer. We create comfortable pieces specifically designed to cover the areas of our bodies that tend to age faster and have higher likelihood of getting skin cancer. Daily sun protection leads to skin looking younger and staying healthy longer.

  • Fashion

    We create pieces that not only provide UPF50+ sun protection, but that also look great while wearing them! We like to think of it as “double duty”. Our pieces are meant to be versatile and can be worn alone, or added to complement your already existing wardrobe. You can wear the same pieces, with hundreds of different looks. They can be worn and look great in the daytime, but also transition into night time wear if convenient at the end of the day. 

  • Fabric

    We use a first of its kind smart fabric. This is a special polyamide blend using extremely fine fibers. The result gives us a fabric that is UPF50+ rated, soft, stretchy, breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying; and does great in the water. The UPF50+ properties of the fabric lies in the fabric itself, with 0 chemical treatments added. It is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified-which guarantees the absence of substances that could harm the health of adults, children, and babies. 

  • Sustainability

    Our fabric is manufactured using environmentally friendly processes including less green house gas emissions and closed water systems for less waste. The smart technology allows the clothing to break down in a landfill under anaerobic conditions within 3-5 years, while other fabrics can take 10-50 years. Under normal aerobic conditions this fabric is as durable as any other polyamide/spandex blend. More info can be seen here.